Death of a Salesman

Death of a Salesman - -24 hour play Recurring...

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Death of a Salesman Arthur Miller (playwright) - Parents were jewish immigrants from Poland. - Moved to a small house in Brooklyn - Possibly the reversal of fortune that inspired his plays. - Was investigated by MccARTHY in 1956 for being a commie. - Marilyn Monroe married 1956-1961 - Him and Tennessee Williams were the most influential American playwrights following WW2 - THOUGHT OF as a moralist and dramatist - Plays deal with individuals responsibility in the face of society’s emphasis on such false values as material success and personal happiness at any price. o All my sons 1947 o Death of a salesman 1949 o The crucible 1953 o A view from the bridge 1955 Death of a Salesman –Certain Private Conversations and A Requiem. - A modern tragedy of the common man - Blended realism and expressionism - Selected physical elements of the world of willy loman which symbolize his downfall (the refrigerator, the tape recorder, biff’s trophy) to underline the thematic concerns.
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Unformatted text preview: -24 hour play Recurring ideas/Themes-Being well liked is the most important trait a man can have-Time running out-Stealing, lying-Cry for attention-Finding oneself-Guilt Major Quotes-Act one: o Willy: “I have thoughts, I have such strange thoughts” o Being well liked and personal attractiveness are introduced as a motif. o No one can criticize Biff but him, he contradicts himself almost immediately. o Willy is acting all schizo o Happy : “Im losing weight, you notice Pop?” o Biff: “I don’t know what the future is, I don’t know – what I’m supposed to want.” o In the scene with biff and happy, we have the first introduction of theft as a motif.-Football scene: willy steps into 1931, first shift in willy’s mind. Motif of theft is shown again, showing its deeply embedded in the family. Cheating is encouraged. Bernard is ridiculed for being studious. -...
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