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Musical Theater - o Hired by Ziegfeld o Sang in a Yiddish...

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Musical Theater (Angels in America) Broadway – The American Musical Ziegfeld Follies - A combination of ethnic music, ethnic comedy routines, beautiful girls - Like the “Rockettes” - Florenz Ziegfeld o Started in NY (Broadway) o “sex sells,” had beautiful women and jacked men - Represented the diversity and change occurring in NYC at the time. Performers - George M. Cohen o Early Broadway star o Started as a family act o Known for Yankee doodle dandy and “give my regards to Broadway” o Vaudeville- focused on individual acts - Bert Williams o Black performer hired by Ziegfeld in 1920 o Famous for the song “Nobody” o Career began in the “minstrel shows” o The cakewalk (dance) o Had some social issues infused in his lyrics or routines o Crossover artist - Irving Berlin - Jerome Kern o Songs sold in “Tin Pan Alley” - Fanny Bryce
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Unformatted text preview: o Hired by Ziegfeld o Sang in a Yiddish accent o Humor based off raucous deliveries and wide eyes o Wasn’t beautiful, very strange for a Ziegfeld hire o Jewish, made fun of some Jewish stuff o Crossover artist Landmark Musicals-Showboat 1927 o Jerome Kern (composer), Oscar Hammerstein (writer) o Book and music tell a realistic story o One of the biggest plays for American musical theater. o “Theater before Showboat, and then there's theater afterwards”-Shuffle Along 1921 o Ubie Blake, Noble Sisle-Oklahoma 1943 o by Richard Rogers and Oscar Hammerstein o integrated story with music o story more important than the music, first major time. o Explored realtionships in a music West Side Story early 1960s Hair 1968 Michael Bennet- famous choreographer/dancer...
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Musical Theater - o Hired by Ziegfeld o Sang in a Yiddish...

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