Tartuffe - -Scene 7 Orgon promises to make Mariane marry...

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Tartuffe Sept, 26, 2011 Act 1 - Scene 1: Meet madame pernelle nad family - Scene 2: We hear about the influence Tartuffe has over Orgon - Scene 3: Learn about the lovers and the wedding - Scene 4: Meet Orgon scene 5, cleante tries to convince Orgon to see Tartuffe for who he truly is. Monologue: when a character speaks alone on stage, but other characters are present. Its like a soliloquy with other actors on stage. Act 2 - Orgon tells Mariane of her engagement - Scene 2: Orgon and Dorine o Commedia influence, Lazzi with the interruptions - Scene 3: Dorine counsels Mariane - Scene 4: The lovers spat, false exit Lazzi, Dorine reconciles the lovers Act 3 - Scene 1: Damis and Dorine make a plan - Scene 2: Wwe meet Tartuffe - Scene 3: Tartuffe tries to seduce Elmire - Scene 4: Damis (the son) eavesdrops and sees this, confronts Tartuffe - Scene 5: Orgon arrives, Damis tells him he Tartuffe has made him a cuckold - Scene 6: Damis is disowned and disinherited
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Unformatted text preview: -Scene 7: Orgon promises to make Mariane marry Tartuffe and to make Tartuffe only heir Act 4-Scene 1: Cleante meets Tartuffe-Scene 2: Dorine asks for Cleante’s help-Scene 3: Mariane begs her father to change his mind. Elmire tries to tell him of Tartuff’es true character-Scene 4: Orgon hides under the table-Scene 5: Elmire tries to expose the real Tartuffe Act 5-Scene 1: Cleante and Orgon debate what to do next (reason v. passion)-Scene 2: Damos returns-Scene 3: Orgon’s mother returns-Scene 4: The bailiff arrives to throw the family out-Scene 5: Orgon’s mother is finally convinced-Scene 6: Valere offers to help Orgon Climax is when Orgon confronts Tartufe with his wife Cuckold: Man with an unfaithful wife Hair shirt: a shirt made of animal hair worn for penance Assai – when a chacrter turns to crowd and speaks to them...
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