Notes-Before the Civil War 11-18

Notes-Before the Civil War 11-18 - Before the Civil War...

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Before the Civil War 11/18/2010 1. Political events leading up to the civil war a. Missouri Question and Compromise (1820) b. Nullification Crisis (1832) c. Mexican-American War and Wilmot Proviso (1846) 2. Mexicaon-American War and Wilmot Proviso a. Gained New Mexico and Cali territories b. Ralph Waldo Emerson thought that the new land would poison America c. David Wilmot (Pennsylvania) Wilmot Proviso c.i. “No slavery in land acquired in war with Mexico” c.ii. Passes the house d. Slavery or no? e. Senate gets violent/intense , Senators brought arms f. Compromise of 1850 3. Compromise of 1850 a. Cali is a free state b. Slave trade is abolished in Washington DC no more slaves being bought/sold on auction blocks c. Status of remaining territories gained from the war (New Mexico and Utah territories) c.i. Popular Sovereignty: At some point, when these territories decide to become states, the residents will vote and decide free or slave d. Strengthened Fugitive Slave Act (what south wants) 4. Zachary Taylor (President from 1849-1850) a. Would have abolished slavery b. Died and new President, Miller, could push compromise of 1850 through 5. Fugitive Slave Act (1850) a. Angers people in the north b. It compels all public officials north and south to aid in the hunting of escaped slaves, even if your opposed to slavery OR in a free state c. Gives slave catchers the power to deputize all Americans and make them assist c.i. Thus makes slave catchers out of all Americans d. Created Fugitive Slave Commisions d.i. A jury of men where men received a warrant for their runaway slave’s arrest d.ii. When one was captured, he/she would be brought before this jury and they will rule
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Notes-Before the Civil War 11-18 - Before the Civil War...

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