Notes-Immigration and Nativism 11-02

Notes-Immigration and Nativism 11-02 - Immigration and...

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Immigration and Nativism 11/02/2010 1. Surge of immigration (1841-60) over 4 million a. Largest wave of immigration in history b. The Irish made up 40% of the immigrants coming to the US during this time b.i. 90% went to the northern cities because there were more jobs avail. because of the market and industrial revolutions b.ii. Treatment set tone for treatment of immigrants in this nation c. Germans were the next biggest group 2. Irish immigrants a. Irish Potato Famine (1845-1851) a.i. 1 million people died of starvation (9 million total in country) a.ii. 1.5 million people left the country a.iii. Many came to the US were poor, sick, catholic a.iv. Settled into ghettos where there was an increase of disease, crime, etc. a.v. Things did not get better for the immigrants when they come to US a.v.1. 60% of children born in Boston died before reaching age 6 Enter workforce at the bottom MEN: dig ditches and canals, chimney sweepers, begin to enter factory labor force (replace female factory workers because they are willing to work for next to nothing); WOMEN: become maids, some work in textile factories
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Notes-Immigration and Nativism 11-02 - Immigration and...

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