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Notes-Women in Antebellum America 11-11

Notes-Women in Antebellum America 11-11 - Women in...

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Women in Antebellum America 11/11/2010 1. Gender: the relationship between men and women a. Ideology of separate spheres a.i. Women in private sphere domestic, professional housewives a.i.1. More time to devote to cultural developments, spend most of their day with other women a.ii. Men in public sphere vote, drink, etc a.ii.1. Spend most time with other men a.iii. Differentiated between what tasks they performed a.iii.1. Changes gender relationships a.iv. Homosocial world ”love is spiritual, only passion is sexual” a.iv.1. They thought about sex and marriage differently love and spiritual attachment didn’t necessarily come from the husband a.iv.2. Women made close bonds between one another 2. Ideal Women a. North: Republican Mother a.i. Ideal woman that evolves out of the American Revolution a.ii. Romantic perception of a family a.iii. Make women the guardians of virtue in private sphere, will help men become independent a.iii.1.
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