Personality - Personality Whatispersonality Traits: BasicTr

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Personality 19:31 What is personality? Unique collection of traits Relatively stable across situations and time Traits: internal dispositions or behavioral tendencies? Internal characteristics Inherent abstract concept Behavioral tendencies Collection of probability of habits Basic Traits/Dimensions of Personality The Big 5 (recitations) Is concept of personality valid? Walter Mischel No, less consistency across situations than most think Make responses that will lead to reinforcements at hand Only need to know environmental factors Evolutionary Psychologists (David Buss) Yes, adaptive/crucial for deciding mates Both correct? Depends on level of analysis Development
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Psychoanalysitc perspective’ Frueid Id (instincts and immediate satisvation Ego  decions making, relaliy rpfiple Secondary proce Super ego==.  Levels of awareness Iceberg model Parapraxes (Freudian slip) YOU RUINED MY LIFE Dreams: royal road to the unconscious Wish fulfillment Stage Theory Oral (weaning) Anal (toilet training)
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Personality - Personality Whatispersonality Traits: BasicTr

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