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Social Psychology - SocialPsychology PersonPerception...

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Social Psychology 18:59 Person Perception Voice Thread Attribution Your explanation of somebody’s behavior Adaptive for us to do this (can predict and control behaviors) How? Heider: judgment between external and internal cause of behavior External to person vs. internal personality trait/ability Biases in attribution Self-serving bias (when actor)   look for external when bad and internal for good Fundamental attribution error Inter-personal Attraction Shit I fell asleep during Romantic Love Passionate Companionate Commitment Intimacy  Triangle of love types Initimacy and commitment increase over time What factors influence this? Physical attractiveness More important for females’ dating popularity than for males Matching hypothesis
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Married couples likely to be similar Similarity in physical attractiveness = more likely to be satisfied with marriage and less  likely to break up Similarity
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Social Psychology - SocialPsychology PersonPerception...

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