Poststructuralism and Indeterminacy

Poststructuralism and Indeterminacy - Quine and...

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Quine and indeterminacy The sign, once again Derrida’s critique of logocentrism Derrida on translation Difference as a starting point: abusive translation Quine’s rabbits Gavagai Lo, a rabbit I’m hungry Animal White That’s a pretty big rabbit. My knee hurts I’m cold. This one’s face is dirty Look you idiot! (Adapted from Quine 2000: 94-95; some expressions added) Saussure’s sign Sign = sound pattern Signified = concept The relationship between signifier andsignified is arbritrary Translation and philosophy ‘What matters is truth or meaning, and since meaning is before or beyond language, it follows that it is translatable. . .. Therefore the thesis of philosophy is translatability in this common sense, that is, as the transfer of a meaning or a truth from one language to another without any essential harm being done. . .. wherever translation in this sense has failed, it is nothing less than philosophy which finds itself defeated. . .. Philosophical discourse
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Poststructuralism and Indeterminacy - Quine and...

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