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Quick Guide to CHIP CHIP (Computerized Homework in Physics) is one of our web-based systems for you to work on the homework assignments interactively. With CHIP you can work on your homework and get it graded instantly anywhere and any time as long as you have a secure Internet connection. CHIP also serves as the official grade book for many of the introductory physics courses and as the place to register your iClicker if your course uses them. If your course uses CHIP for any of these functions, then you need to read this sheet as well as much more complete documentations available on-line and familiarize yourself with the way to use it. CHIP account: All students on the Registrar’s roster as officially enrolled in a course using CHIP will have a CHIP account for that course created for you. You need this account to access all security-protected areas of CHIP. CHIP accounts have the same user id and password as your ITaP career account login . However, you must appear on the official Registrar record as taking the particular CHIP course this semester/session in order to be able to log in. Occasionally, the roster we use to create CHIP accounts may not be up-to-date or your registration may have been temporarily dropped due to things like the tuition payment status. In these cases, you would need to inform us to create/keep your CHIP account; you can use a CHIP Problem Report link (see below) for this purpose. Problem Report is the preferred method of communication. When you use a Problem Report , please make sure to fill in all the information requested. Accessing CHIP: Each course using CHIP has a separate CHIP homepage; e.g., the CHIP homepage URL for a course PHYS yyy00 in the spring 2011 session is http://chip.physics.purdue.edu/public/yyy/spring2011 where yyy is the first 3 digits of the course number (plus suffix if any, e.g., H for Honors section) such as 172, 214, 218, 220, 221, . ..). The CHIP homepage is also linked from the course homepage and the Physics Department homepage. You access the CHIP homepage using any modern web browser with security and
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Quick_Guide_to_CHIP_Spring2011 - 1 Quick Guide to CHIP CHIP...

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