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Project Possibilities from CS Corporate Partners Below are some suggestions from CS Corporate Partners. If any of these interest you, in some cases Prof. Dunsmore may have more information than the summary below. Booz Allen Foursquare Project Overview Synopsis The basis for the project is the foursquare networking website. Foursquare ( is a website where users can post when they visit landmarks in cities around the world, receiving awards and informing other users about the landmarks in each city. Students will create a system to retrieve, store, analyze and visualize the data from the system. Specifically, the system shall: (1) Use the foursquare API ( to retrieve data from a predefined set of locations (Data Ingest) (2) Provide a persistent storage mechanism for the data retrieved using the API (Data Storage) (3) Provide a means to retrieve the data from the storage system (Middleware) (4) Display the results to the user through a webpage (User Interface) Lutron Overview: Widespread use of dimming solutions to provide energy savings has been growing recently as everyone
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corporate - Project Possibilities from CS Corporate...

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