CS 307 Final Peer Evaluation Form

CS 307 Final Peer Evaluation Form - Name (include yourself)...

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Final Course Peer Evaluation Form Your name ________________________________________________________ Date ____________________ Team name _____________________________________________ The purpose of this form is to record your evaluations of the relative contributions made by yourself and members of your team to the semester project. Your evaluations will be kept confidential (viewed only by your instructors), and as such, we ask that you provide an honest assessment of the results contributed by each team member. Use the following scale in your evaluations: 5 = Superior; 4 = Above Average; 3 = Average; 2 = below average; and 1 = weak. Compute the Total Score by summing the values in the intermediate columns.
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Unformatted text preview: Name (include yourself) Participated in meetings and discussions Helped team stay focused Contributed useful ideas Amount of work produced Quality of work produced Total Score Would you say that one member of the team could be considered most valuable? If so, why? Would you agree that everyone on the team deserves the same grade for the project? If not, please explain why. Please use this space to reflect on your experience with the project. What did you think was valuable, and what would you have done differently? This evaluation form was adapted from https://courses.worldcampus.psu.edu/public/faculty/PeerEvalForm.html...
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CS 307 Final Peer Evaluation Form - Name (include yourself)...

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