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Project Problem Statement Group : MultiType Members : Ryan Miller (Team Leader), Rodrigo Haragutchi, Azfar Khandoker, Yeong- ouk Kim, John Lima Problem Statement Our project will provide new functionality to an existing Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that will offer students the ability to edit the same source file simultaneously. The tool will facilitate collaboration on team projects in which editing the same file is a necessity. Supporting Information As computer science students, we often find ourselves working on group projects which require us to edit the same source file. This results in difficulty with synchronizing the edits of one file and unnecessary time spent attempting to merge these files. We will implement our software as a plug-in to the Eclipse IDE. The concept of our plug-in stemmed from the functionality of Google Docs.
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Unformatted text preview: In Google Docs, multiple clients can edit the same file concurrently. However, it fails to offer many IDE features such as: syntax highlighting, compiling, and code completion. Although there already exists an Eclipse plug-in that has functionality similar to ours, it is very limited in that it does not allow more than two collaborators to work on any one file at the same time. In contrast, our implementation will support a greater number of contributors. Both beginning and experienced software developers working on the same small team will be able to use our tool. Many programmers are already accustomed to the Eclipse IDE, so creating an Eclipse plug-in will eliminate the need to become familiar with an entirely new tool. Our plug-in may become a useful asset that programmers can rely on for future collaborative projects....
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