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Team International Monday, January 17, 2011 Project Problem Statement Our team project is a networking application for students and professors that allows them to check into a classroom and communicate with others in the classroom who have also checked in. This idea came from the geo-social network foursquare, which allows people to check into buildings and gain points. However, we thought how we could apply this to students, and came up with the idea that if people could check into their classrooms, they can communicate electronically with the other people in the same room. By allowing people to communicate with people in the same room, this will open up a way for real-time collaboration on note-taking by adding notes and comments to the day’s lecture, and allow for class
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Unformatted text preview: discussion and personal messaging as the class is going on. It will help students to know who else is in the class, and by creating personal profiles, people can share their information such as contact, links to their Facebook or Twitter accounts, or other useful information to their classmates. Professors can use it to see and keep track of who is attending their classes, administer quizzes electronically without the need for special devices, and allowing greater interactions with their students. Professors can also use it for their office to let students know if they are in or not, or see who may be waiting outside for them....
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