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Software Requirements Specification - Software Requirements...

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Software Requirements Specification – Sample Checklist 1. Correct and Complete: a. All functional capabilities are documented. b. Reuse of existing software or use of COTS software is fully described. c. All adaptation requirements (e.g., geographic parameters, platform variations are identified). d. Applicable timing, resource usage (e.g., CPU, memory, bandwidth), and associated system load requirements are identified. e. The effect of the operating system, executive, or COTS has been factored into the performance requirements and resource budgets. f. Applicable safety requirements are identified. g. Applicable security requirements are identified. h. Applicable design constraint requirements (e.g., object-oriented design, language, support environment) are identified. i. Applicable software quality attributes (e.g., reliability, maintainability, testability) are identified. j. Applicable human performance/human engineering requirements are identified. k. Applicable acceptance criteria (e.g., test, inspection, demonstration) are identified. l. Delivery requirements (e.g., media, marking) are documented. m. Requirements are traceable to requirements allocated to software. n.
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Software Requirements Specification - Software Requirements...

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