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Problem People often find it hard to get easily involved in various events and activities happening in the local community. The cycle of discovering an event, logging its time and location and then attending it, is something we do quite often. knoWhere is a web application that will simplify this process. The primary purpose of this application is to make event discovery easier and seamlessly append the information of an event to a specified calendar. The features of knoWhere will also allow event organizers and attendees to stay connected easily. Background Information Discovering an event or social activity is often quite tedious; people usually have to do a broad search and filter through a lot of noise or search through long lists to find something meaningful. Furthermore, the event information is often inadequate and one feels the need to initiate a dialog with an event organizer quickly. Logging the time and location of an event can be quite cumbersome too. When a person sees a flyer or finds an event online they have to manually log it on a sticky note or calendar (physical or digital). Small physical items are prone to being misplaced, larger ones are not mobile and digital calendars are often limited to 'power users' because they are not easy to use. All conventional means of discovering and/or logging events that we observed were either through a calendar or list. Almost all of them did not use a map to display local events of interest. Most of them were implemented only as webpage, which creates very dull experiences on mobile devices like smartphones. This is a stark contrast to the experience we intend to provide through knoWhere. We will focus on user friendliness, diversity of platforms and seamless integration with the calendar services. The closest competitor is . They do have a website but no applications on other platforms. Although knoWhere is a web application that can be accessed through a web browser on a desktop or laptop device, it will be just as impractical as any other solution if it were not mobile. Therefore, using a client server model with extensively decoupled client and server systems will allow us to extend this product to a wide variety of devices such as an iPhone, Android, Windows Phone 7 and others. The use of Google’s service as opposed to others is because of the extensive framework that Google has already setup and the large market share it has already captured. Google users have their own personal calendars and email accounts. Furthermore Google provides APIs for geo- coding and map displays. We will use this to our advantage and eventually provide a superior product. The fact that Microsoft’s Bing provides similar services was a big question and we do anticipate the use of Bing’s services to provider a richer experience for Windows Phone 7 users.
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Environment and System Models Since knoWhere will be implemented as a distributed system, the client subsystem’s hardware
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team8-requirements - Problem People often find it hard to...

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