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Recipedia Project Plan Programmers Anonymous Production (Team 9) Frank Buibish John Franklin, Jr. Kevin Houtz Kevin Schenk Wilson Sumanang CS307 - Software Engineering I Purdue University Fall 2011 October 14, 2011
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1 Problem We plan to create a recipe-storage mobile application and a website-based service that will ease the task of finding and planning recipes for meals within one’s own home. The application will also prepare an accurate shopping list of needed ingredients for those recipes and will give the user the ability to add other miscellaneous items. 2 Background Information Up to this point, our team has created a problem statement identifying the problem we are trying to solve and determining the stakeholders of our project. Together we created a requirements document showcasing the necessary quality and functional requirements to solve the problem. Our team’s design document provided a detailed analysis of the project’s structure and implementation of the following features: 2.1 Finding Recipes Many families have a collection of recipes. All of these recipes may come from various sources: newspapers or magazines, family and friends, cookbooks, or personal secrets. These recipes may be stored in multiple places around the kitchen, and when the time comes to find a recipe, one must look through all the various sources and in many different categorized locations. Many people like to see a recipe’s final product, but some recipes don’t provide any media like a picture or video. Families need an easier way to find, view, and save their favorite recipes. 2.2 Collecting and Sharing Recipes There are many online and printed resources where users can print, clip, and store recipes. With so many sources, it takes a lot of time to find that special recipe a user is looking for. If there were a universal source to find recipes, users would be able to spend less time looking and more time cooking. Recipes will be able to be sorted into user-defined categories and easily accessed with a click of a button. This universal source would integrate with other sources by providing ways to import recipe data. Other possible integration techniques would include the use of QR codes where a user could scan the code and immediately add the recipe to their collection. Each recipe in our system will be assigned a unique identification number and code for easier sharing purposes. This integration technique could revolutionize the way people share their recipes at dinner parties or in magazines and cookbooks. Integration with social media technologies will also help users inform their friends about their favorite recipes. 2.3 Shopping List After choosing recipes to prepare, most users’ next step is to determine which ingredients they already have in stock and which ingredients they have to purchase at the grocery store. If users had a way to combine all of the ingredients they need to make their food with in one shopping list, they could prevent frequent trips to the grocery store and save on time when finding the items needed. Stakeholders of the Project
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team9-project-plan - Recipedia Project Plan Programmers...

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