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Unformatted text preview: ..................... 25 2 Purpose Unity is a web-based service for Purdue students to discover and discuss academic and extracurricular activities relevant to their interests. This document describes key aspects of the Unity system, including general priorities, major design issues, and details of the design. Summary of Functional Requirements User experience Users may authenticate via an external service, e.g. Purdue CAS. A profile will automatically be created for a new user. Users can add courses and organizations to their profiles. Users may remove courses and organizations from their profiles. Users can search for other users by name and view their profiles. Users can "follow" other users. Users can rate courses they have taken. Users can browse courses and organizations. Users can search for courses and organizations by name or course designator. Users can view a list of students who have participated in a course or organization. Users can view courses and organizations recommended based on course rat...
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