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3 pre designate some information as private and other

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Unformatted text preview: ddleware application conforming to the Authenticator interface handles all authentication tasks. CASAuthenticator Abstract Authenticator implementation for CAS. PurdueAuthenticator Authenticator implementation for Purdue CAS. 11 Server data model Figure 3: Server data model class diagram 12 People Person A person affiliated in some way with the institution (student, faculty, staff, etc.). Identified by the institution's unique identifier (e.g., Purdue career account). Role To reduce coupling of entities, a Person's associations are compartmentalized into Roles. Courses Course A course is defined as the association of a designator group and a term (e.g, CS 307 Fall 2011). A course may have more than one designator if cross- listed. DesignatorGroup A course may be cross-listed in more than one subject. This entity allows consolidating cross-listed courses. Designator Entity representing a course designator, e.g. CS 307. A designator is composed of a subject (CS) and a code (307). A designator may have associated prerequisites. Subject Entity representing...
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