A document oriented database is a better match and

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Unformatted text preview: other pages. Decision We will implement option number 1 as it is the most user-friendly/intuitive and will be a consistent interface on all phones. Inter-class and client class/server communication Options 1. Classes will all communicate directly with other classes and talk directly to the dispatcher to avoid generic implementation. 2. There will be a "core" class that serves as a daemon over other classes and facilitates inter-class communication. Decision Option 2 will be implemented in order to have tighter control over common functionality without having to edit multiple files and will increase stability. Also eliminates coupling in many cases. User settings persistence across phones Options 1. Store a user's settings on the server and initialize them on any phone the user is on 8 2. Store the settings locally on the phone and allow the user to pick different settings on different phones without changing settings on the others Decision We chose option 2 for this design issue so that a user can have different settings depending on the capabilities of...
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