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Authentication may use an external service such as

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Unformatted text preview: ile platform) Decision: Client-server (Android) While a web application would maximize our potential user base, all members of our team are comparatively weak in web user interface technologies, and this would slow development. A native user interface offers advantages to both developer and user. Mobile applications are increasingly popular, especially among current and future prospective users of our application. Android allows development of native applications in Java, familiar to all team members. Client-server protocol Options 1. HTTP/REST/JSON 2. Other Decision: HTTP/REST/JSON HTTP client library support is ubiquitous. Most client interaction with the server will be in the form of create, read, update, and delete operations, which REST maps to HTTP methods. JSON provides lightweight, language-neutral object interchange with very broad client support. 5 Identification of persons Options 1. Require institution credentials 2. Allow persons not affiliated with the institution Decision: require institution credentials While there would be some benefit in extending access to other members of the community, assuming a...
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