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Unformatted text preview: n Library support for aspects of our application is strongest in Python and Java. Python was judged to facilitate more rapid development and easier hosting. Python version Options 1. 2.6 2. 2.7 3. 3.2 Decision: 2.7 While recommended for new development, Python 3 is not as widely deployed or supported by third-party modules. We have chosen Python 2.7 as a balance between current compatibility and future maintainability. Database model Options 1. Relational 2. Document-oriented 3. Combination Decision: Document-oriented We initially assumed a relational database, but that model is particularly poorly suited to hierarchical data such as our message store. A document-oriented database is a better match and is also suited to the rest of our data model. To reduce external dependencies, we will attempt to use a document-oriented database for all server data storage. Document-oriented database Options See Decision: MongoDB MongoDB appears to have excellent...
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