Category organizations may be grouped into categories

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Unformatted text preview: ts in an expandable list where they can touch a top-level post to see responses. CourseUI Displays a single course to the user. No image placeholder is needed on this page, but more fields for information of the course are used to display course description, prerequisites, and extended course information. There will be a button the user can press to view the course board. CoursesUI A list of courses in an expandable list where the user selects: subject > course number and clicking the specific course identifier will launch the CourseUI for that page. The expandable list allows us to minimize the amount of data being pulled from the server until needed. HomeUI The start page of the application where the user can choose between the main categories or go to an application settings page. MultiUI Abstract class containing fields and methods common to all UI subclasses that present a multiple item list or interface to the user (i.e. a list of courses or list of organizations). There will be an expandable list that the items will fit into and allow the user to narrow down their s...
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