Courseui displays a single course to the user no

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Unformatted text preview: le/organizations/{id} Delete the specified organization from the current user's profile. id: GET /profile/organizations/recommended List organizations recommended for the current user. Returns: Organization GET /profile/following Get the current user's follow list. Returns: Person POST /profile/following Add the specified person to the current user's follow list. id: DELETE /profile/following/{id} Remove the specified person from the current user's follow list. id: People GET /people?name Find people by name substring match. name: str Returns: Person GET /people/{id} Retrieve the person matching the given id. id: Returns: Person Courses GET /terms List all terms. Returns: Term GET /courses?(name)&(term) List all course designators, by name substring match if given, for a single term if given. name: str term: Returns: Designator 18 GET /courses/subjects?(term) List all subjects, for a single term if given. term: Returns: Subject GET /cours...
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