Decision option 2 will be implemented in order to

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Unformatted text preview: ivate. 3. Pre-designate some information as private and other information as public and inform the user of what is public, only displaying that information to users looking at their page or following them. Decision We picked option 1 in order to simplify design or the software and will only put academic and non-private information on their profile page. We may, however, design it in such a way as to allow privacy controls to be implemented later. Details of the Design Server core Refer to Figure 1. 9 WSGI server The Web Server Gateway Interface is a Python standard. A WSGI server such as Apache with mod_wsgi handles communication between the client and the WSGI application pipeline. UnityController Coordinates the activity of the other server components and implements the REST API for client requests. UnityModel Persists and retrieves data in the database at the direction of UnityController. We will use a data mapper such as MongoEngine to allow model operations to be conducted by manipulating objects and a...
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