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Unformatted text preview: OrganizationSource UnityView authentication server organization data Figure 1: High-level overview and server architecture 4 Unity is a client-server system with a database-centric architecture. The server uses a model-view-controller design for separation of concerns. Implemented in Python, it uses the standard Web Server Gateway Interface (WSGI) to reduce coupling, in particular implementing authentication via WSGI middleware. Authentication may use an external service, such as CAS. The server will also interact with other external services providing course data and organization data. The client is implemented as an Android application. The class structure will follow a sub-classed dynamic UI and a networked back-end with a core daemon class facilitating communication. The client and server communicate via representational state transfer (REST), using HTTP as the application protocol and JSON as the interchange format. To conserve client resources, the client is notified of messages via a notification broker. Major Design Issues General Architecture Options 1. 2. 3. 4. Web application Client-server (desktop) Client-server (Android) Client-server (other mob...
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