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Unformatted text preview: instance. It will encode messages according to the chosen HTTP/JSON/REST protocols. RESTMessage A class used as a complete REST message storage instance. It will store all the information needed for the JSONDispatcher to send requests to the server. SubscriptionUpdate Class to store all the information needed to represent a subscription update from the server. It encapsulates all that is needed to fully update a UI and what is needed to push notifications to the user. UnityCore The core class of the backend that will manage the classes communication with the server. Using an external JSON dispatcher it will translate messages 14 as needed between the client objects and the dispatcher for the server communication protocol. UnitySettings A class representing chosen settings for the Unity client. The SettingsUI class will store results here and other UIs will pull from this class when performing certain UI actions. UnityUser Class representing user information and an instance of the user data needed to populate UIs and control options available to the user. The user instance wi...
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