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Unformatted text preview: a resource while unauthenticated will automatically trigger authentication. A record is automatically created in the database for a new user; since users are required to have valid institution credentials, this step is performed after authentication. 20 Figure 6: Server request-authentication-response activity diagram 21 Figure 7: Server request-authentication-response sequence diagram, depicting CAS authentication Client subscription UI The UI will follow a consistent sequence pattern for subscriptions as in the following diagrams. Figure 8: User subscription sequence diagram 22 Figure 9: Course subscription sequence diagram Figure 10: Organization subscription sequence diagram Discussion boards Figure 11: Client sequence diagram for retrieving messages 23 Figure 12: Client sequence diagram for posting a message Security considerations To prevent HTTP session hijacking, all communication between the client and the server must be encrypted with TLS. However, since the aim of the application is discovery and interaction, all profile information and messages are visible to all users; no data is deemed private. 24 UI mockups Figure 13: Proposed home screen 25 Figure 14: Proposed profile layout 26 Figure 15: Proposed course layout 27 Figure 16: Proposed organization layout 28 Figure 17: Proposed board layout 29...
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