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The server will store user profile information in

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Unformatted text preview: conventions of the target platform and provide a consistent look and feel across functions. Errors should be handled gracefully. The user interface should be responsive; appropriate feedback should be provided to the user when waiting for operations. Reliability The server should have minimal downtime while allowing for maintenance. Information should survive round trips without errors. Efficiency The client will be developed to run on mobile devices. It must be written to minimize battery drain, processing time, memory allocation, and network utilization. Performance The system should be sufficiently scalable to support the user base of a large university. Reusability The Unity system will be sufficiently abstract to support additional client platforms and institutions without changes to the core system. Maintainability Consideration must be given to future maintenance and expansion. Outline course data Unity Server CourseSource UnityModel NotificationSink notification broker database UnityController Authenticator WSGI server client...
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