This decision is also aided by the fact that there

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Unformatted text preview: the phone they are using. We also figure that users will probably not use multiple mobile phones for Unity enough to justify storing the settings for everyone. Generic UI for all entities or sub-classed UIs for greater variety Options 1. Use one generic UI for courses, people, and organizations in order to keep a consistent look and simplify design 2. Subclass an abstract UI superclass in order to provide mostly common functionality while giving greater specifics detail for entities or saving space (i.e. courses do not need display pictures, while people and organizations may) Decision We will implement option 2 so that we can have greater control over what is displayed for the different entity types, but also provide common functionality. User information privacy Options 1. Notify the user that any information on their profile will be visible to the public and display all information that they see to anyone that looks at or follows their profile. 2. Allow the user to choose what information is public or private and only allow them to see information that they specify as pr...
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