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Unformatted text preview: ings and interests. A discussion group will be associated with each course and organization. Users may create a new topic or reply to an existing message. An administrator may block a user from posting messages. A user may delete their profile. A user may subscribe to notifications, e.g., for new messages in a group. The server will collect course data from an external system, e.g., MyPurdue via the Banner API and store it in the database. The server will collect organization data from an external system, e.g., GetInvolved via the CollegiateLink API and store it in the database. The server will store user profile information in the database. The server will send appropriate notifications to the user. Server responsibilities General Priorities We have identified the following general priorities, in order of relative importance. However, design decisions will be made on a balance of factors. 3 Usability The application should be easy for users to learn. The client interface should follow the guidelines and...
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