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Unformatted text preview: ll be initialized with data after the user authenticates with the CAS server and will obtain the correct permissions based on their stored roles. Client UI Figure 5: Client UI class diagram AddSubscriptionTypeDialog A dialog that will allow the user to choose which type of subscription to add when adding a subscription from the SubscriptionsUI screen. While it is implicit when adding a subscription from a course or organization screen, a dialog is needed from the subscriptions page to avoid ambiguity. BaseUI Abstract class containing fields and methods common to all subclasses of the UI 15 BoardPostDialog A dialog the user will see when posting to a board for either a course or an organization. There will be a subject line and a body for the user to edit and buttons to submit the post or to cancel and return to the board. BoardUI A UI representing a board for either a class or organization. Users will be a able to post to the boards for classes and organizations they are in and will see pos...
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