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Sociology 108 Week 5 Reading/Lecture Questions Read Ignatiev and Dinnerstein & Reimers to understand the general story. Do not fixate on any particular detail. The following questions should guide your reading. Ignatiev 1. What was “whiteness”? 2. How did the Irish “achieve” it? 3. What were the key institutions and actions that enabled this process? 4. When did the “new immigrants” mostly arrive? 5. From where did most immigrants come? 6. What kinds of conditions did they leave?
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Unformatted text preview: 7. To which place and conditions did they go? Lecture 8. What is citizenship? Why is it important? 9. What have been some key immigration and naturalization laws that have significantly shaped our nation? 10. Consider the two naturalization cases of Ozawa and Thind – how did the Supreme Court determine the meaning of race and eligibility or “fitness” for citizenship? 11. In what ways did the Supreme Court utilize or refute the “science of race”?...
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