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Week7 - 9 Why is it important to consider immigration and...

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Sociology 108 Week 7 Reading Questions Foner 1. How have race been conceptualized in the two immigrant eras? 2. What does this say about the meaning of race? 3. Which groups dominated the earlier immigration period? Today? 4. How did old immigrates integrate into the mainstream society? 5. What are today’s immigrants’ prospects? 6. What are some governmental regulations and programs that may affect their integration? (Consider things like affirmative action and census enumeration). Lee et al. – Ch 10 7. Is immigration changing people’s ideas about what racial or ethnic groups and relations mean? 8. Have scholars generally studied race and immigration in an interrelated manner?
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Unformatted text preview: 9. Why is it important to consider immigration and race in conjunction in the post-WWII era? 10. How is greater diversity resulting from increased immigration potentially shaping more complex understandings of race and ethnicity? 11. What might be the new color line? 12. How is immigration changing the color line? Why? 13. How might Asian and Latino immigrants fall along this line? 14. What does interracial marriage or multicultural identification suggest about changing views of race and ethnicity?...
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