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Week11 questions

Week11 questions - made in Carter’s article Carter 1 What...

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Sociology 108 Week 11 Reading Questions Farkas 1. How has the size of the test-score gap changed over time? 2. What are some of the possible explanations for this test-score gap? 3. How do differences in the home environment (both between races and classes) impact the test- score gap? a. Why do these differences in childrearing practices exist? 4. How is race related to test anxiety among black students? How is this related to the argument
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Unformatted text preview: made in Carter’s article? Carter 1. What is her main argument regarding mobility prospects for low-income African American students? 2. What are “dominant” and “non-dominant” cultural capital? a. How does this fit in to our discussion last week about social capital? 3. How might students and educators think differently about the two? 4. In what ways do students establish authenticity?...
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