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Sociology 108 Week 12 Questions Lecture 1. What is health? 2. What are health disparities? 3. What is pharmacogenomics? 4. Should we use a biological construction of race? Why or why not? 5. If not, then how should race be understood in health and biomedical research? 6. What are the reasons for health disparities by race and ethnicity? 7. Is a race- or ethnic-specific approach to health care the best way to address disparities? 8. What's the significance of class? Williams 9. What are racial disparities in health? 10.What are some explanations for these disparities?
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Unformatted text preview: 11.What are the limits of a biological explanation? 12.If it’s not biology, what best explains racial disparities in health? Johnson 13. What is BiDil? 14.Does BiDil’s effectiveness mean we should consider race biologically? Lee 15.What does Lee mean when she writes that there’s been a conflation of genes, disease, and race? 16.Does race stand as a proxy for genes? Should it? 17.How is race being reified by biomedical research?...
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