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Sociology 108 Week 14 Questions Judith Lorber 1. What is gender? 2. What is its relationship to sex? 3. What does it mean to “do gender”? 4. How is gendering done from birth? 5. How is gender a process? 6. How is inequality gendered? Jackson 1. How has gender inequality changed over time? 2. According to Jackson, why has gender inequality declined over time? a. What role does the economy play in this decline?
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Unformatted text preview: b. What role do politics play in this decline? c. What role do the efforts of women, as a group, play? 3. In what areas do gender inequality continue to persist? a. Why has inequality persisted in these sectors? b. According to the author, is inequality in these sectors enough to hamper women’s overall progress towards equality?...
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