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mass comm notes (2) - NOTES 11/5/03 Some of the notes are...

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NOTES 11/5/03 Some of the notes are unclear because I could not hear half of what he said. Toward the end of class I moved up some so I could hear better so the test info is accurate. The world population is 16 billion. Lucille Ball – known as Mother of Syndication, know scandal chapter 8. Movies are reality, but the reality in movies are not things that happen in real life. First Tarzan movie was filmed in Morgan City, LA. 98% movie rentals are related to drugs and smoking. Hunt – In CIA, Animal Farms – message altered to get people the idea of the cold war. George Wallace – said “Segregation now and forever”, during civil rights movement. He was from Alabama, but made movie in Sacramento, CA because he could not make the movie in Alabama because people knew him. Oliver Stone – movie, JFK, shape how you think. Natural Born Killers movie – proven to have cause and effect relationship from what you see in movies. A boy from LSU and a girl shot a lady in Ponchatoula, LA because of what seen in the movie. The lady did not die from shooting, but later died from cancer. Oliver Stone went to court about it because they sued the filmmaker for actions taken because of movie. Case was thrown out of court and Oliver Stone won. Supreme court ruled 4 to 10 they you cannot walk in a movie theater and yell “Fire”. Guinness World Book of Records - #1 most memorable quote from movie, “BOND, JAMES BOND”. Clark Gable – was in movie taking his shirt off and did not have an undershirt on. This started a trend by men not wearing undershirts anymore. Antis appointed – mixture of anticipation and disappointment when watching a bad movie. Kids 9-15 – 9% movie tickets sold and 70% population – 2 to 1 ratio 16-20 – 17 % movie tickets sold and 8% population 21-24 – 11% movie tickets sold and 6% population 25-29 – 12% movie tickets sold and 9% population TWEEN – means in between ages, not a teen and not an adult – largest # with movies. Citizen Cain – rated #1 film of top 100 films of 20
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mass comm notes (2) - NOTES 11/5/03 Some of the notes are...

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