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mc2000 notesrev - Oprah has restarted her book club Music...

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Unformatted text preview: - Oprah has restarted her book club- Music is an extremely powerful force- People request music at their wedding and even their funerals - Louisiana is the root and heart of Blues and the indigenous style- Louisiana has 180 + music festivals.- No one knows what will be ahead- Promotion is vital to music- Five major renewing recording artists in the U.S.- Conglomerates dominate but independents can still thrive History- Blues began when the west African began singing a song as viewed from the lower deck of the slave ship - In New Orleans this music is everywhere; marketplace, street corners….. (Whenever you walk by them they expect you to pay them!)- These were usually black musicians - These were usually in the red-light district - During the Prohibition they were forced to move north - When this happened these new people had never heard this kind of music - Therefore, rock and roll was formed, as if blues and jazz had a child- There were 5 inductees from Louisiana into the Rock & Roll hall of fame - Louisiana now has more inductees than any other state in the U.S.- In the north only black music could be played if rerecorded by a white artist- BMI (Broadcast Music Inc.) - ASCAP (American Society of Artist and Producers)- Absolutistic Attitude it is wrong to share or download anything- Realistic approach, it is o.k. to take from an artist who is already making 50 million- CDs will eventually go to D.V.D- CDs will go down to $12.99- Taylor made CDs- Radio is the ___ favorite media- How do you measure success?...
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mc2000 notesrev - Oprah has restarted her book club Music...

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