chapter 14 question 11

chapter 14 question 11 - 14-11 1 Indicates the relationship...

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14-11. 1. Indicates the relationship and discretionary funding of the national organization to its affiliates. These financial statements are those of the national organization, separate from the affiliates. However, we can see from the activity statement, that most of the resources of the national organization are used in support of the affiliates. 2. No. See note 2 or the Statements of Financial Position. The organization has no permanently restricted net assets as of 2007. 3. $623,896. From the Statement of Activities and Note 8, $1,257,699 became unrestricted in the year ending March 31, 2007. 4. a. YES b. YES c. YES d. NO e. NO See note 2 on cash equivalents 5. Current ratio = Current Assets / Current Liabilities. Deteriorating but still a very high value, so this deterioration is not a concern. 2007 2006 Current Assets $12,934,359 $13,330,692 Current Liabilities $2,997,102 $3,021,674 Current Ratio 4.32 4.41 It is not completely clear which assets and liabilities are current. However, if only cash and marketable securities are current assets, and only accounts payable and accrused pension were current liabilities, the current ratio would be even higher.
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6. 2007:
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chapter 14 question 11 - 14-11 1 Indicates the relationship...

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