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AAE 334, Fall 2011, Homework 6 Due Wednesday, September 7 at the beginning of class. In section 4.8 Anderson develops equation to determine chordwise position of the center of pressure, . Similarly, he solves for the pitching moment coefficients about the leading edge, , and about the quarter-chord point, . cp x le m c , 4 / , c m c 1. Show that , , and are independent of the coefficient for thin cambered airfoils if lift coefficient is constant (as may be a choice when designing an airfoil for steady level cruise.) cp x le m c , 4 / , c m c 1 A 2. Solve analytically for rate at which the chordwise location of the center of pressure varies
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Unformatted text preview: with changes in angle of attack for thin cambered airfoils. (This problem is independent of problem 1.) 3. Plot versus angle of attack, , for the NACA 23012 airfoil in Example 4.6 in the text. Hard copy of plot and m-file should be handed it. cp x o o 10 10 ≤ ≤ − α Be certain to write short sentences with your analysis to explain your work to the grader. Note: If you’ve not learned to use print –dmeta in Matlab, you might find it helpful. This command copies your current figure into the paste buffer. From there you can paste into a Word or PowerPoint document....
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