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AAE 334, Fall 2011, Homework 13 Due Friday, September 30, at the beginning of class. 1. Increasing the aspect ratio of a rectangular wing by increasing span while keeping chord, velocity, density, and lift force constant causes what change induced drag? Show your work. 2. Aspect ratio of a wing is defined as the square of the span, b 2 , divided by the projected area, S. Under what condition is the aspect ratio also equal to span divided by root chord,
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Unformatted text preview: which is the chord at y=0 ? 3. Using the data in Figure 5.20 and then the zero-lift drag coefficient from Figure 5.21, assume that a wing of span 10 m, aspect ratio 4 and taper ratio of 0.27 is flying at V=100 m/s in air of density 1 kg/m 3 and creating a lift of 19,000N. What is the total drag of the wing in Newtons?...
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