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AAE 334, Fall 2011, Homework 15 SOLUTIONS Due Monday, September 17, at the beginning of class. Work the problems in the system of units in which they are posed. Show units throughout your work for #2 through #4. No partial credit on such easy problems. 1. What is the specific gas constant (as given by the textbook for a and b) for air in units of a. Joules per kilogram per degree Kelvin? K kg J b. Foot-pounds per slug per degree Rankine? R slug lb ft o c. Foot-pounds per pound mass per degree Rankine? R lbm lbf ft o 2. Air at 101 kPa pressure and temperature of 23 Celcius has what density? 3. Air at 14.7 psi pressure and temperature of 72 Fahrenheit has what density in slugs per cubic feet? 4. Air at 3.7 psi and temperature of -50 Fahrenheit has what density in pound-mass per cubic foot? 1. To solve: a. Page 518 gives us K kg J R 287 b. Page 518 gives us R slug lb ft R o 1716 c. Because one slug equals 32.174 pound masses, and lbf is just another name for lb,
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