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AAE 334, Fall 2011, Homework 19 Due at beginning of lecture, Friday, October 28, 2011 A series of Matlab functions has been created to aid compressible flow students. They can be downloaded from Blackboard as one zipped file. A users guide is included in the zip file, so: Read it Note on the second page that the function names are related to equation numbers in the text. Try a few of the examples on the last page of the guide to For this assignment: 1. Download the file MLcompflow.zip from the Educational Supplements folder on the
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Unformatted text preview: AAE334 Blackboard site. Either save them into the folder where you keep your AAE334 homework efforts or a folder that you add to your Matlab path (in the Matlab window, see the menu: File->setPath … and then the Add Folder button. 2. Compute and plot on one plot 1 2 p p , 1 2 , and 1 2 T T across a steady normal shock wave for Mach numbers of 1 to 5 using these functions. Hand in a hard copy of m-file and the plots. Set the upper end of the axis for property ratios to a value of 20....
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