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Comparative - 1 Apr 08 - Comparative 1 Apr 08 1521 Conquest...

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Comparative – 1 Apr 08 1521 – Conquest 1810 – when independence begins it involves race, social structure, economics, etc. that attempted independence is crushed. 1821 – Independence – brought into the system by the most conservative members of society. It assures that all of the things that took place really remain. A lot of these things are not written down they are taught. Behavioral values and traits. They are taught from one generation to another you can’t legislate them away. 1848 – Mexican – American war ** 1521 - 1856 – age of Santa Ana. After the Mexican – American War Mexico was in such turmoil that liberals (church stay out of issues) and conservatives (government stay out of issues) 1857 – War of the Reform- election when the liberals finally won. New constitution – Constitution of 1857 – stripped the church of power. Stripped the church the right of births, deaths, marriages, etc. they became civil procedure. Because land is the key to power, the church was also stripped of its land. A law passed for no communal holding of land. The church rebelled, and so did the conservatives called the War of Reform. Out of this came Bonito Juarez. No Vice President so the next person in succession is the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. When the President resigned Bonito Juarez became President. He was befriended by a moderately wealthy landowner and educated k-12 in that area. He then went to Mexico City and became an attorney. He rose in the liberal party to become Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. He was a poor boy who rose to become President. The problem was Indian ppl were looked down upon. There is real racism towards them. Bonito Juarez was Indian. So not only did he overcome economic problems but he overcame racial problems. Therefore, he is seen as one of the most important presidents in Mexican history. He led liberals in the War of Reform. Liberals won about 1860, but the civil war left Mexico absolutely bankrupt. Both sides borrowed money from European lenders and Mexican borrowers could not repay the money. // European, Mestizo, and the Indian (indigenous) ppl. This is the social order in colonial
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Comparative - 1 Apr 08 - Comparative 1 Apr 08 1521 Conquest...

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