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PROJECT 2: ADVANCED ADVENTURE GAME due Sunday, November 21st, 11:59 pm This is an individual project. BACKGROUND In this project you will modify the Adventure Game by adding new features and functions. You will use your knowledge of hierarchal decomposition to define sub- functions. You will use picture manipulation, and the random module you studied in chapters 4, 5, and 10. COURSE MATERIAL Before you start this project, you must understand: Modifying Pixels in a range (Chapter 4 and 5 of the textbook). Building Bigger Programs (Chapter 9 of the textbook) The functions provided by the random module (Chapter 10 of the textbook) SETUP Remember to make a new directory project2 under the directory cs177 on your Unix account: cd cd cs177 mkdir project2 Download the file under project2 directory. Under the project2 directory, download also the following files that are provided to you: angel.jpg , monster1.jpg , monster2.jpg , , gamecanvas.jpg , diningroom.jpg , entryway.jpg , kitchen.jpg , livingroom.jpg , porch.jpg ; in troduction.txt . Then launch JES and open the program provided to you PROJECT SPECIFICATION Overview For this project, you are going to work on the Adventure Game you learned in Chapter 9. You are going to modify some of the existing functions and also write new functions that will add new features to the game. Note: Except where otherwise stated, you do not need to make sure that input from the user is correct. The file The file includes a fully commented skeleton code for the functions you will implement. Work on this file. Do not change the file name, and the given function names. The New Adventure Game In this new version of the Adventure Game, we want the game to ask the player to input his/ her name. As before, the game initializes the player location inside the Porch. Next, it displays the game instructions. After that, the game continues with asking the user to input a new direction that might move him/ her to a new room. When the user enters the room, he is going to see a visual description of the room (a picture that represents the room). The rules of the new Adventure Game are the same of those of the original game
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you find in the textbook at pages 206-209. This new version of the game will show randomly a monster or an angel in one of the corners of the room. The game ends when
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