team work requirements - The Concept of Team Work Starting...

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The Concept of Team Work Starting with Lab 9 you will be doing lab exercises in groups of two or three students. You will also do projects in groups. The content of this document applies to labs and to projects. You should elect one student as the group leader who will be responsible for turning in the lab (or the project) for the group. Most likely this student will also serve as the code "integrator" who will take the pieces written by all members and assemble them into the lab solution. You should alternate the group leader position so that each of you gets an equal number of times performing each responsibility. The Software Development Cycle 1. Requirements analysis and specification: Understand the problem 2. Design: Develop an algorithm that will provide a solution 3. Implementation: Implement the algorithm using whatever programming language(s) required 4. Testing: Test your solution for correctness 5. Operation and maintenance: (not applicable to lab exercises) When applied to a team, the Software Development Cycle is thus modified: 1. Understand the problem o Group discussion to arrive at the same understanding of the problem o [Gather additional material that is not directly included in the project assignment. This may depend on your preparedness]
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team work requirements - The Concept of Team Work Starting...

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