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teaming guidelines

teaming guidelines - Teaming Reflection Paper Guidelines...

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Teaming: Reflection Paper Guidelines Part of a successful teaming experience is the ability to critically reflect on that experience and articulate it well to others. College-level writing that has been spell-checked and proof read is expected. This paper is due by 5 pm on December 10, 210. Your paper should be a minimum two page, double-spaced reflection on your teaming experience in CS 177 and should be submitted in Ariel, 10.5 pt font. This reflection paper should be written in the first person. Preparation 1. Plan in advance for this paper by keeping a journal. 2. Spend some time brainstorming: review specific examples and activities. 3. Try to sum up your experience in a sentence or two. Is there a word, phrase, or theme that captures it? Analysis In your paper reflect on all of the following questions regarding you experience and interactions on the three teams you participated in CS 177. Include comparisons/contrasts between your team experiences while considering the following questions. In your teaming experience, did you gain any insights into how cultural differences have
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