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Horticulture 306Y/History 302Y History of Horticulture Syllabus Instructor Jules Janick Office: 330, Horticulture Bldg Phone: 494-1329 Email: [email protected] Course Administrator/Grader Anna Whipkey Office: 116A, Horticulture Bldg Phone: 494-6968 Email: [email protected] THE COURSE A multi disciplinary course that introduces students to the history of agriculture with special emphasis on horticulture. Because the history of agriculture and horticulture is so broad and so important to the development of civilization, the course will include a broad view of agricultural and horticultural technology in science, medicine, culture and art. The course objectives are: 1. To survey the historical record of agriculture and horticulture from antiquity to the present. 2. To trace the origins and development of agriculture and horticulture and its relationship to modern civilization and culture. 3. To gain an appreciation for how agricultural and horticultural developments have influenced modern science and technology. COURSE OUTLINE Module 1: Origins of Agriculture Lecture 1: Dating the Past: Geologic, Archeologic, Biologic, and Human Culture Lecture 2: Early Humans and the Prehistoric Record: Human-Plant Interaction Lecture 3: Neolithic Revolution and the Discovery of Agriculture Quiz 1 Module 2: Origins of Crop Plants Lecture 4: Geography of Plant Domestication: De Candolle, Darwin, and Vavilov Lecture 5: Centers of Origin of Crop Plants Quiz 2 Module 3: Ancient Egyptian Agriculture Lectures 6–8: Ancient Egyptian Agriculture and the Origins of Horticulture Quiz 3
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