Mini-Lecture Part 1 Cave Paintings

Mini-Lecture Part 1 Cave Paintings - Mini-Lecture Part 1/...

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Mini-Lecture Part 1/ Cave Paintings In the wonderful series, Power of Myth, the noted anthropologist Joseph Campbell discusses his theories about the paintings in the caves of France. He believes that there were two important reasons that our distant ancestors created the beautiful first paintings in history: 1. The paintings serve a function in the initiation rites of young boys into the tribe of adult hunters. When a boy reached the age of maturation he was taken from his mother into the deepest parts of the cave. There in a cavern richly decorated with stories of the hunt, the boy was at first terrified, then calmed as he realized his place in his society. In these caves, the boy confronted the realities of the hunting world. By seeing these painted images in the flickering flame lit world of the cave, he might overcome his fears and act as an adult when he actually joined the hunt. 2. There is the possibility that our ancient ancestors believed that the animals were their brothers and sisters. Both came from the womb world of the cave, mother
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